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Beauty Salon Equipment (Equipment Package)

After years of working with salons and spas to find out what equipment hairstylists and massage therapists regularly use, Silver Fox now offers a variety of beauty salon equipment, each set of which is a combination of quality beauty and healthcare equipment such as massage beds, stools, trolleys, and pedicure chairs. If you are looking to start or expand your beauty salon, choose from among several options to find the set of salon furniture that works best for you. With one of our Beauty Collections and salon equipment package, you can get everything you need at just one stop.

  • 2246 Collection
    Includes :
    Beauty Bed 2246
    Multi-function Skin care system 3051
    Trolley 1031
    Stool 1025A
  • 2244 Collection
    Beauty Bed 2244
    Multi-function Skin care system 3031
    Trolley 1031
    Stool 1025
  • 2244A Collection
    Pedicure Chair 2244A
    Multi-function skin care system 3012
    Trolley 1041
    Stool 1028
  • 2241C Collection
    Massage bed 2241C
    Multi-function skin care system 3052
    Vibrating body massager F-833
    Trolley 1032
    Stool 1025A
  • 4121B Collection
    Pedi spa chair 4121B
    Multi-function skin care system 3031
    Trolley 1035B
  • 2243 Collection
    Massage couch 2243
    Multi-function skin care system 3100
    Trolley 1015
    Stool 1025

  • 2239 Luxury Spa collection
    Luxury electric spa table 2239
    Trolley 1033
    Stool 1023B1
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