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Multifunction Skin Care System

Combi-Skincare System 3021

The 3021 Multifunction Skin Care System is designed for maximum space efficiency with a modern contemporary look. Its specialized trolley 3020 keeps all attachments organized and within easy reach.

Designed for beauty salons and spa centers, the rolling trolley can house six different tools from the F-31X series machines for up to 9 different combined functions. A 4-wheeled platform allows you to move it from station to station as you work, or store when not using.

The standard version includes
Trolley Organizer 3020
Smart Ozone Steamer F-300DT with LCD display
5X LED Magnifying Lamp 1005T
Towel Warmer T-01 (7L)
Peeling F-311A with 1 headpiece and a hand ring
Ultrasound F-312A with 1 face and 1 eye probe
Galvanic F-313A with 2 rollers and 2 ball attachments
High frequency F-314A with 4 attachments
Brush unit F-315A with 4 brushes
Vacuum and Spray F-316A with 2 atomizer bottles and 3 vacuum attachments

Modern Combi-Skincare System 3051

The 3051 modern multifunction skincare system combines simplicity with functionality. Its trolley cabinet organizes and hides all the wires of the attachments for a tidy and clean appearance.

Select two tools from the F-33X series machines to position on top of the trolley-up to 13 different tools can be combined. The 4-wheeled platform lets you easily move the trolley around the beauty salon or spa center.

The standard version includes
Trolley Organizer 3050A
Smart Ozone steamer F-300DT with LCD display
5X LED Magnifying Lamp 1006T
5 in 1 multifunction device F-330 complete with magic glove, bio microcurrent, peeling, ultrasound, and galvanic skincare tools.
5 in 1 multifunction device F-331 complete with cold and hot hammer, high-frequency, brush unit, vacuum and spray skincare treatments.

  • 3050D+331
  • 3052
  • 3100
  • F-300F

To find out other options for multifunctional facial equipment, contact us for more details.

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