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  • Beauty Salon Equipment (Equipment Package)

    Silver Fox now offers a variety of beauty salon equipment, each set of which is a combination of quality beauty and healthcare equipment such as massage beds, stools, trolleys, and pedicure chairs.

    1. Facial BedSilver Fox's facial bed, also called beauty bed or facial chair comes in electric and stationary types. All of our electric facial beds and stationary facial chairs deliver high end quality, unbeatable comfort and amazing price.
    1. Facial EquipmentShop from Silver Fox's great range of facial equipment. We supply everything from multifunction facial machine and microdermabrasion machine to body slimming machines.
    1. Facial SteamerSilver Fox offer an excellent selection of facial steamers including classic facial steamers and digital facial steamers. This beauty instrument is compact and sturdy in structure, and can deliver incredible facial treatment.
    1. Salon StoolBrowse this page to find the most attractive salon stools, or called beauty stools, from Silver Fox, a remarkable salon supplies provider in China.
    1. Salon TrolleySilver Fox provides an extensive range of salon trolleys or beauty trolleys for salons and spas. This salon furniture that we supply comes with 2, 3 or 4 shelves which can be used for aromatherapy products, essential oils, hair and beauty products amongst others.
    1. Lamps and SterilizersFor a salon to be deemed professional, it must be well-equipped with items such as facial bed and chairs, facial steamers, salon stools, salon trolley as well as magnifying lamps and sterilizers. These two salon accessories are all salon essentials for more delicate and safer skin treatment.
    1. Massage Table

      As a professional spa furniture manufacturer in China, Silver Fox provides an extensive array of massage tables for both salons and spas. This beauty equipment, also called massage bed, beauty bed, or massage couch, is specially designed for any massage therapist.

    1. Physical Therapy TableIdeal for physiotherapy, massages, medical examinations, and treatments, the treatment table has two motors which control the height and backrest, six movable sections, and an adjustable headrest and footrest.
    1. Spa Table

      Interactive vertical lift mechanism not only increases lifting height but also enhances stability and load capacity. In addition, Adjustable backrest, armrest, headrest, footrest and heating system all manifest the user friendliness of this spa table.

    1. Spa Pedicure ChairThe comfortable and elegant 4121 spa pedicure chair is equipped with 2 motors to adjust the backrest and the back and forth movement of the seat. This model pedicure equipment features anelectric massage and MP3 and is ideal for foot spas, pedicures, electric foot massages and relaxing.
    1. Salon TrolleySilver Fox supplies a wide range of salon trolleys which are essential equipment for all spas to maximize work space and keep your spa essentials tidy and handy. Select from a broad selection of steel-framed, wooden and laminate beauty trolleys to suit all your budgets.
    1. Electric Podiatry Chair

      Electric podiatry chairs, sometimes known as podiatry couches or pedicure chairs, for foot care and pedicure treatments. This pedicure equipment provides the perfect blend of functionality, dependability and practicality.

    1. Podiatry ChairThe foot massage chair comes with higher stability than others because of its base that is made of thicker pipes. In addition, excellent electroplated process ensures steady and durable performance.
    1. Manicure Table

      This beauty salon furniture, also known as nail table, or manicure equipment, can enhance the appearance of your salon, while making your clients comfortable and your work efficient. Choose one from following models of manicure table.

    1. Nail Dryer

      Our multifunctional nail work station has a streamlined design which combines a nail driller, uv nail dryer, dust collector, and LED magnifying lamp together so you can do an entire manicure with one piece of professional drying equipment. Ivory white in color.

    1. Shampoo Backwash Unit

      Our high-end and comfortable shampoo backwash units, also referred to as shampoo chairs and shampoo bed are specially designed with three memory postures. The salon chairs and bowl combo are made with high quality PU upholstery that is easy to clean.

    1. Salon StoolSilver Fox offers an extensive range of hair salon furniture. Following models of salon stool, including flat stool, saddle stool, etc. are specially designed for all hair salons, providing unmatched comfort for stylists.
    1. Styling ChairFollowing styling chairs that are also called hair salon chairs are what we design for both stylists and clients. A comprehensive range of shapes, sizes and upholstery materials can completely meet your demands. Find one styling chair that you like from following models.
    1. Barber ChairChoose from our 53000 and 53001 barber chairs. These two stunning types of salon chairs are respectively upholstered in black and white. They are as comfortable as they are attractive due to their solid construction, soft headrest, and an oversized polished base.
    1. Facial SteamerOur facial steamer with ozone lamp has a newly designed rotary sealed cup that prevents water from leaking. Because it’s convenient and easy to use, the home facial steamer is great for both beauty salons and individual home use.
    1. Portable Beauty EquipmentSilver Fox supplies a broad range of portable beauty equipment which includes ultrasonic massager, skin scrubber, cool & hot hammer, and wax cartridge heater.