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Silverfox Corporation Limited

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1. Silver Fox guarantees our beauty salon suppliers against manufacture defects within 18 months from the date of manufacture. The serial no. of each product will be necessary when guarantee is needed.
2. The Distributor will have to send the Manufacturer a detailed report of the incidence (including the product serial no., faults description, photos, etc.) by email or fill out the form of " Quality Claim & Solution" and then send back to the manufacturer's after sales specialists who will implement fault analysis together with the technical department for timely solutions.
3. If the product is under guarantee, the Manufacturer will provide the necessary parts as well as the detailed instruction to the distributor in order to fix the incidence. The transport costs will be paid by the Distributor or the parts can be included in a Distributor’s order.
4. Out of the guarantee period, the parts, the labor and the transport costs will be paid by the Distributor.
5. The defects or damages caused due to a bad use or an inappropriate packing of the product, to negligence, to fortuitous causes or to natural wear of the product remain out of the guarantee terms.
6. Returns of products will not be accepted if they have not been previously authorized in writing by Silver Fox.

Quality Claim & Solution

Silver Fox Quality Claim & Solution
Tel.: +86-20-87514019 / 87514030 / 87514052

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Send us basic information about the defective product (Filled by customer)
1. The Ex-No.# of the faulty item
2. Photos of the faulty parts
3. Description or reason of the fault

Failure Analysis and Solutions proposed by SILVER FOX

1/ Cause analysis
2 / Containment action (immediate )
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3 / Corrective action
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Solution proposed Compensate
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Other solution
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